The Equipment Financing You Need to Succeed

In many businesses, success is directly related to the equipment and machinery that you have. At First National Capital Advisors, we understand that concept. We realize that if you can’t afford your equipment, you may not be able to afford to stay in business. This is where we step in. With equipment financing solutions, you never have to worry about not having what you need. In most cases, we require a small down payment, and in others there may be none at all. Most equipment that you need will qualify for a loan, with approval taking as little as 24 hours.

The Equipment Loans We Offer

  1. Startup Program – This loan program is for companies that are just starting out. It can be hard to purchase equipment outright before you’ve turned a profit, and many financing institutions won’t even look at you. We are committed to helping your company grow by being able to afford the products you need right from the start.
  2. B, C and D Credits – Owners of companies that have seen a setback during tough economical times sometimes just need a second chance. Our B, C and D credits offer it to them. Our financing professionals will work closely with you to structure a specific plan to help your company get back up and running.
  3. Sale and Lease Back – Keeping your current equipment can be a huge benefit, which is why we offer sale and lease back. We’ll buy your equipment from you, but we won’t keep it. Instead, we’ll lease it back to you at an affordable rate. Once it is paid off, it’s yours again.
  4. Municipal and Government Financing – Whether for a public school, fire house, armed services or a police department, we offer instant approval for all municipal and government entities.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about equipment leasing, contact First National Capital Advisors today. We are looking forward to helping you see why leasing your equipment is the best choice.