Receive Great Help From a Small Business Loan

A small business loan is anything but small. If your business is struggling, or if you simply need some extra funds, an SBA loan is the answer. At First National Capital Advisors, we offer financing for a wide variety of businesses. We offer fast and efficient processes so you can get moving as quickly as possible. Our loan options include:

Business Acquisition Lending

If you wish to acquire an existing business, we have the solution. Our primary indicators for this loan include both your management of capabilities and the cash flow of your company. With 80% financing and fully amortized loans with no balloons, this is a convenient option. What’s more is pre-qualification only takes about two days.

Real Estate Financing

For commercial and industrial real estate purchase, refinancing, renovation or building, we have you covered. This includes owner-occupied buildings such as restaurants, hotels and motels, auto dealerships, gas stations, single-purpose buildings, veterinary hospitals and more.

Equipment Loans

No matter what industry you are in, we offer equipment financing to help you get ahead in business. This include machining tools, manufacturing equipment, trucking utilities, medical equipment, diagnostics, dry cleaning machines and heavy equipment.

7a Loans

Eligible businesses for a 7a loan include most for-profits. The property needs to be partially owner-occupied. This would include an office building, car shop, bed and breakfast, franchise, child care center, restaurant, warehouse, office building and a variety of startup companies. Based on SBA size standards, we’ll consider your eligibility for this competitively rated financing option.

504 Loans

For a long term solution with permanent financing, the 504 loan is a great option. Properties that are for-profit are eligible, and the borrower must partially occupy the property. This includes up to 80% financing for equipment acquisition and 90% financing for real estate construction, refinance or acquisition.

Getting Started

To learn more about SBA loans and how they can benefit your business, contact First National Capital Advisors for more information.