Getting financial backing can involve a lot of paperwork, and if you’ve been in the commercial real estate business for a while, you may find it tedious. The good news is that being a successful businessperson means you have credibility, and financial lenders are eager to keep a good relationship with a client going. This

Making investment decisions for yourself gives you the freedom of being your own boss. The choices of tenants and rent amounts are yours. With that freedom also comes the responsibility of managing and maintaining your property. Optimal property choice is key to attracting quality tenants. Let’s look at some things to consider when searching for

Managing property is a division of real estate that many companies overlook. It is also taken for granted that the management of property is only useful for apartment complexes. However, the truth of the matter is that all types of commercial businesses have a use for an experienced property manager. Companies who need to hire

If you’ve been studying multifamily properties for sale, you’ve likely found investments with great potential. Apartment buildings and duplexes can be found within in-demand neighborhoods, such as near public transportation and universities. Financing for these types of units are often based on earning potential rather than your personal credit, making them accessible to a wider

Commercial Bridge Loans – An Alternative

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Commercial loan brokers know they need something to stand apart from the rest. In a highly competitive lending market, it’s especially important to carve out a niche in order to grow market share. What most brokers find is that a client has already called their bank and possibly even another lender so what can the

Even though renting commercial property does offer its benefits, being a renter rather than an owner can also impede growing business operations or the possibility of expanding a business portfolio. The fact is that the possibilities offered by owner occupied properties include greater control over a property, more favorable financing from a lender, and other

You’re trying to buy into a hot real estate market. There are lots of properties for sale, but it seems that they always sell for more than the listed price. As an investor, you want the best deal, so how will you navigate this environment? Oftentimes you’ll find a good buy and then get caught

Lenders are stricter than ever these days, and for good reason. With the financial crisis that hit in 2008, many banks had to deal with borrowers simply walking away from their properties. It wasn’t easy for lenders to deal with the loss of revenue, as most weren’t prepared for the sheer number of homes that

Getting a financial lender to approve a loan for your business can seem like climbing a mountain. It may feel that you can only reach the top if you have the right collateral, a great credit rating or a solid business history. However, not every retailer is going to fulfill these requirements. Some may be

Accounts receivable unpaid money used for goods or services rendered. In other words, accounts receivable is credit extended to a company by a merchant. However, unlike traditional forms of credit, accounts receivable usually have a shorter time frame for payment of the entire balance. Any company able to extend accounts receivables to another business should