We collect your social security number (“SSN”) as part of our identity verification program.

We need to verify the identity of each customer when we create a transaction, or loan, for in order for us to more successfully manage risk and to comply with anti-money laundering laws. Generally any company that sells products or services that require notification to the IRS, including investment advisors, banks, real estate purchases, or any financial transactions over $10,000 should collect this information.

Please be assured that we do everything possible to protect the information that we receive from our customers. We consider all customer account information to be private and confidential. To protect the security systems and policies that we have in place, we cannot disclose any details about these policies. We are using the most secure protection software available, as well as following all official consumer protection laws and guarantees. Additionally, all of our Customer Service Representatives are trained to respect customer privacy as well as to abide by our internal security systems.

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