Even though renting commercial property does offer its benefits, being a renter rather than an owner can also impede growing business operations or the possibility of expanding a business portfolio. The fact is that the possibilities offered by owner occupied properties include greater control over a property, more favorable financing from a lender, and other

You’re trying to buy into a hot real estate market. There are lots of properties for sale, but it seems that they always sell for more than the listed price. As an investor, you want the best deal, so how will you navigate this environment? Oftentimes you’ll find a good buy and then get caught

Lenders are stricter than ever these days, and for good reason. With the financial crisis that hit in 2008, many banks had to deal with borrowers simply walking away from their properties. It wasn’t easy for lenders to deal with the loss of revenue, as most weren’t prepared for the sheer number of homes that

Getting a financial lender to approve a loan for your business can seem like climbing a mountain. It may feel that you can only reach the top if you have the right collateral, a great credit rating or a solid business history. However, not every retailer is going to fulfill these requirements. Some may be

Accounts receivable unpaid money used for goods or services rendered. In other words, accounts receivable is credit extended to a company by a merchant. However, unlike traditional forms of credit, accounts receivable usually have a shorter time frame for payment of the entire balance. Any company able to extend accounts receivables to another business should

When you partner with a trusted source for your financing needs you get more than just a loan.  We provide our customers with outstanding support through all phases of the lending process.  Even if we are unable to secure the financing you need, we stand with our customers in providing expert advice on other options

In a rapidly changing technical world, you never know when your medical equipment will suddenly become yesterday’s news. It doesn’t help that tight budgets and economic downturns can make you put off buying new equipment, making your existing tech fall further behind, plus you have government regulations that your equipment must meet. To solve your

It’s an unfair reality that many good businesses with steady clientele continue to struggle with cash flow. Just because you provide a quality service or product doesn’t mean accounts will be received in a timely fashion, and this can lead to serious problems with working capital. If you’re waiting on clients to settle their fees

Hard money loans are a great tool to have in your property investing kit. Funded by private investors and secured by real estate that you already own or are purchasing, a hard money loan is a short term loan. Payments of the loan are usually interest only with a balloon payment at the end of

You’re looking at a site that’s ready for a big transformation. The flat ground, gravel and sporadic weeds will soon become a place that only the mind’s eye can see. As your imagination sees how this new structure will fit into the surrounding landscape, you think of its potential to do good for the community.